Ventura Lambrate 2016

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Ventura Lambrate 2016


Aycko / The magic bean

The magic Bean is an explosion of stainless scrap bound together with craftsmanship and passion. The organic transparent shape and unique pattern is the result of pushing the stainless particles to the boundaries. Using welding and sanding techniques this bean is the seed of many objects to come.

 ROSS GARDAM / Polar Desk Lamp & Aura Limited Edition Desk Lamp

Ross Gardam will be launching the new Polar Desk Lamp which features a unique articulating light disk. Also on show will be the limited edition Aura Desk lamp. Aura is limited to 25 units in a gold finish and features a magnetic joint which allows the shade to tilt and orbit around the body.

JARO KOSE / Collection of Six

Kose believes that artistry happens in the invisible space; between the object and its user. Well designed “space” builds relation and this is reflected in his presentation. Chair, stool, lamps and whisk are transformed into the spatial design.

SAYAR & GARIBEH / Great Egret

This airy chair is inspired by the sculpted shape of the bird and the swaying cradle. The extended arms allow a phenomenal experience to emphasize the side by side rocking motion. A black chair with black metal and brass legs create a fusion of elegance and strength to meet a nostalgic modern look.


We present at Ventura Lambrate 2016 our light and sound concept FOLD. FOLD is a modular construction system in a fireproof translucent material. We imagined 25 forms that we propose as architectural solutions for projects. Theyare available in 3 versions: white led, RGB

GG-LOOP / GG-loop's Modular Furniture

GG-loop’s design is informed by natural processes, mathematical systems and harmonic proportions. At Ventura Lambrate we will showcase our first three pieces of the modular ever-changing furniture series: Vibrio (sofa), Diatom (table), Zephyrus (cabinet).