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Introducing SINKO means talking about innovation, creativity and services. All this thanks to the SINKO PROFESSIONAL system, which has enabled us to become a leading company on the Italian market, and an extremely valued organisation on the international markets.

The SINKO PROFESSIONAL system is the result of 30 years experience in the locker rooms furnishing sector, developed with the Sport Systems and Keno trademarks. The products we offer represent or have represented a new dimension in the processing procedures implemented on HPL materials: ensuring the correct level of attention during all manufacturing stages has resulted in the capability of obtaining long lasting products, which correctly complement our Customers’ company image.

Our extensive experience and knowledge of the market enables us to offer a complete SINKO PROFESSIONAL range based on HPL laminate products. The wide choice of colours in our range of laminates, the contemporary design and the high level of flexibility of our modules are representative of our aim of satisfying all market requirements. Rationalising and injecting colour in empty spaces, means providing people, in their working environment, the correct “life style".

Data la durata illimitata nel tempo dei prodotti in laminato a spessore Hpl e la totale assenza dei costi di manutenzione, il loro acquisto risulta particolarmente vantaggioso.


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