Cipriani Serramenti Spa


  Via di Campigliano 49, 50012 Grassina Firenze (FI)
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  Interior and Exterior Fixtures



Established in 1920 by the Cipriani Brothers, Cipriani Serramenti  began industrial production of doors and windows in 1948. Due to continuing investments in technology and human resources it has increased and transformed in time its range of products and services to totally meet the changing needs of the market. In 1959, with long range experience in woodworking, Cipriani began to successfully manufacture aluminum frames and, in time, to also propose armored security doors and external fixtures. A process of constant growth which today makes Cipriani a landmark in national and international production. 



The story of the Cipriani Brothers starts in far away 1917, the year in which they began woodworking. The evolution of the company has many similarities with the fundamental element from which wood derives: the tree. Trees have solid roots, a strong trunk and long and flexible branches that reach outwards. Similarly Cipriani has a long tradition in wood processing, an important industrial structure grown over time and able to create products combining masterycraftsmanship and modern production technologies and a sales network able to offer solutions and specialized, timely technical advice.



Cipriani Doors represents the realization of a project of industrial evolution cast from a solid craftsmanship mould. The corporate headquarters located at the gates of Florence, thanks to a total area of 10,000 square meters, includes offices, showrooms and all production departments. The proximity of the various areas of the company furthers internal communication processes and makes for a fast and easy management of all aspects. The corporate headquarters are both a meeting and training place, the large showroom on two floors provides the opportunity to deepen ones knowledge of the collection in its entirety.



Cipriani is a solid industrial contemporary reality in which technological innovation is combined with the care and values of the artisan tradition. Selected raw materials carefully managed, modern and efficient production processes, craftsmanship and attention to detail, stringent quality controls make the products of the Cipriani collections unique and indistinguishable. Interior doors, main entrances and external frames are capable of enclosing within forms of exclusive design impeccable technical features, adaptability to any construction and ability to meet the requirements imposed by safety and environmental regulations.

Environmental Sustainability

Cipriani has been implementing for years now the recycling processes of main raw materials: wood waste fuels the heating systems, scraps of aluminum are fused to generate new, as well as the iron which is used to recreate new raw material. Particular emphasis has been given to the exclusive use of environmentally friendly water based paints improving the resistance to abrasions and weather agents.



The ISO 9001 certification is an important milestone for Cipriani and attests to the high quality of management processes, products and its image. The guidelines of ISO, the International Organization for training, impose the satisfaction of strict requirements in terms of management and simplification of internal processes, of “systematic” approach to business functions and continuous improvement towards market demands. The certification is also an important competitive advantage: it allows the company to be more reliable for customers and investors, to participate in tenders and be perceived as innovative and modern.


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