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Handicraft means to us creating surfaces by using our skills and lime or loam as raw materials. We use materials that surround us, not materials which has been artificially modified by the indurstries. This ensures dignity to he craftsman´s and architect´s work and respect for nature and people working, living or visiting the building. The raw material limestone is manufactured in our own killn at low temperatures and provides the base for the plaster which represents the outer layer of the surface of a building. Permeable - letting the air circulate, contributing to the human´s health maintenance. The smooth lime plaster finish is made out of slaked lime, without additives. Strong compaction while processing makes the plaster firm. The plasters finish is soap, which is applied on still wet surface. After this procedure the plaster becomes water- and dirt-repellent. The smooth lime plaster finish is used jointless for ecological buidlings on the walls in plumbing untis and for preservation of historical buildings. Like our loam-kasein surfaces it combines high aesthetic quality and ecological standards perfectly. A variety of different designs can be acchieved by pigmentation.The pleasent haptics contributes to a natural atmosphere.

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