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“Colleoni Roberto & C. Tappezzieri” was founded in 1954 in a basement in Via Ceresoli by Alberto Colleoni, Robert’s father. In time, the business moved to different parts of the city, in pursuit of larger spaces that were more suitable for production, until permanently settling in Via Baioni. The premises, which currently cover approximately 3000 m2, include sewing laboratories, sofa production unit, carpentry work- shop, showroom and Colleoni Proposte d’Arte. A team of people with different and complementary skills that works passionately to interpret and satisfy customer needs: from upholstered articles and curtains to wall coverings and carpeting, parquet flooring, etc. The company relies on planning and design to create its products: from model drafts to modern renderings, from putting into production in the laboratory, to achieving top-quality finished products, appreciated in Italy and abroad. A legend that has made history. From Alberto, founder of the first workshop in the 1950s known as Colleoni, to the present, with Roberto, Tullia, Giacomo and Gianandrea Colleoni. A team of architects is perpetually entwined with the Colleoni Roberto & C. name, for planning and designing interiors, homes and offices, new furnishing projects and customised proposals.

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