Vogl Deckensysteme GmbH


  Industriestrasse 10 - 91448 Emskirchen
  Phone: +49. 9104 8250
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  Producer of acoustic design, light and climate ceilings and customized moulded elements



"It is our goal to turn buildings into eye-catchers with our ceiling solutions through form, colour and performance, and to enhance their value durably."


Our ceiling elements come in many shapes, so there are virtually no limits to the freedom of design


Creative, coloured ceiling design with factory-coloured ceiling elements in a variety of combinations of finishing coat, inner perforation and fleece


Vogl ceiling systems permit manifold additional functions by integrating illumination and technical installations



As an owner-managed family business, we pursue a company policy that is characterised by sustainability, continuity and flexibility.

Our long-term interest focuses on the preservation of substance by which we want to secure our independence as well as the company's profitability and future.


The customer is our future. Our goal is to foster lasting business relations with our customers based on partnership and to deliver premium quality as ordered and confirmed.

We see complaints as a chance to improve our work. When processing complaints we seek to distinguish ourselves positively from competition. We are committed to service out of conviction, have open and honest communication with the customer and provide contact partners with high technical and social competence.


We offer our employees safe jobs with long-term employment contracts and good and fair working conditions and endeavour for them to strongly identify themselves with the company.

Society and ethics

Being a labour-intensive company, we acknowledge our high social responsibility to create and sustain jobs and vocational training opportunities.

We look out for preserving social peace and justice and protecting the human dignity of every employee.


We face up to competition with other suppliers because competition stimulates us in our effort for demand orientation as well as quality and cost optimisation, and serves as our benchmark for what is technically and economically feasible.


We see our suppliers above all as business partners whose reliability, quality and loyalty we meet with tolerance and fair conditions.


Our origin lies in tool and machine construction. Today, in our plant in Emskirchen, we manufacture everything for high-end ceiling design using state-of-the-art production facilities.
Our basic materials are gypsum plasterboard and sheet metal.
Our focus is not only on the production of top-quality acoustic, design, light and climate control ceilings, but also on making individual, customised moulded elements, floating ceilings, integrated ceiling components or stretch ceilings.
For a stable and rigid ceiling framework, our portfolio includes a wide range of product applications, such as profiles, suspended brackets or connectors and mounting material.

You can obtain all the components from us, perfectly matched and tested. We draw from our know-how and the experience in toolmaking, and we have recognised the weak points in the conventional dry construction product range. Thanks to precision production methods, we manufacture products of premium quality. Thus we set the benchmark in quality, fitting accuracy and reliability of application

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