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MOMBRINI INGROCER: a market leader in flooring and laying since 1950

A history of initiative and craftsmanship

For more than 50 years MOMBRINI INGROCER has been selecting, distributing and laying porcelain stone and wood flooring and surfacing of the most important companies. A second-generation family run business with vast experience and a great passion for continuous research, MOMBRINI INGROCER offers its customers a wide range of materials for surfacing and flooring, from single firing to porcelain stone and from laminate to parquet. Mombrini Ingrocer offers a large display area for residential and commercial environments, both internal and external, of tiles, porcelain stone, wood effect, the most prestigious Marazzi group companies, Listone Giordano Parquet, solid wood floorings, large scale surfacing, Bardelli Gabbianelli arts, Bisazza and Sicis mosaics, technical flooring and Kerlite. Mombrini Ingrocer also offers its customers complete solutions, supply, design and installation; it is distinguished by the quality of materials used and the procedures that follow the Mapei high-quality technical standards. In our showroom you can always find the latest new products of the most important manufacturing companies, selected for you by our professionals.

MOMBRINI INGROCER offers only the best selected brand names in a display area of over 3000 m2. Our showroom is the tangible archive of years of work: the result of successive evolutions, transformation steps and ongoing research. A display divided into 2 main areas: one area devoted to ceramics and the other to wood. The tile, in all its infinite variations, has historically been the leading product of MOMBRINI INGROCER. There is also a vast area dedicated to materials for inside and outside, as well as ample space devoted to stones and mosaics. Great emphasis is also given to “raised” flooring, which is ideal for the functionality of the workplace and open spaces.

Mombrini Ingrocer materials and surfaces for architecture.