Milani Giovanni & C Srl


  Via Martiri della Liberazione 12 - 23875 Osnago
  Phone: +39.039 9280 246
  Fax: +39.039 9280 248
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  Impianti elettrici e tecnologici



In 1964 Milani Giovanni founded his family company. Initially small, the firm mainly dealt with domestic electrical systems. The Company grown quickly changing into a Limited Liability Company (S.R.L.) to com­plete always more important projects also for industrial applications.
Over the years, Milani Giovanni’s son and daughter, Ore­ste and Beatrice, joined the company and in the 1998 Milani Giovanni & C. started a certification process.
Became an important firm in the Italian market, in 2004 the company moved into a more efficient location on the outskirts of Milan.

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