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  Landscape Gardening e Flowers Works


AreA68 is a company that brings together a team of technicians with experience of over 30 years, dedicated to the design and construction of gardens in Italy and around the World.

Always predominates activities' design, the innovative organization that currently works, composed of independent professionals, can be produced quickly and multifaceted, green works of any size, avoiding waste and costs of unproductive labor. We design considering the nature of the place, the customer's requirements and budget for the realization of the work.

We have great experience working  and in-depth knowledge of botanical essences. Shapes and volumes plants are placed in the right spaces, colors and variations of green are carefully considered in the choice of species, are born so focused projects, creation of refined natural settings where the "architecture" and the daily life find their way.

For us the space is something to build on, not necessarily from to fill in. create the garden ‘cause the man can live outside, feeling free in the space of a green thought.

 “Life, Thinking, Passion….”

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