Paolini Spa


  Via Flaminia Ternana, 292 05035 Narni (TR)
  Phone: +39. 07 44761522
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Paolini S.p.A. creates some of the finest ebony handcrafts. The factory is based in Narni, in the heart of the Umbria region. The Paolini Group is located in an area of 13,000 square meters of factory space including 21,000 fully equipped work areas, where advanced technologies for design, manufacturing and logistics are recreating the ancient crafts traditions. Even today, the production is entrusted to the hands of ebony experts that give shape and value to every manufactured product - each one a unique piece with its own history, material and personal charm ready to be transferred to whoever is going to use it. Attention to every detail is Paolini’s trademark.
The Paolini Group owns other Italian Companies, each of them with a high specialisation in the ebony production process. The total workforce is 115 personnel.

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