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  Via Rafredo 35/3 20100 Gorgonzola (MI)
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  antifurti, automazioni & building automation


AUTOMAZIONE Srl was born in 1978 thanks to his owner mr. Bruno Marchetti, and since then growing steadily. Nowadays, L'AUTOMAZIONE is an s cessful reality in the field of civil and industria installations, thanks to a long-time relation customer base. The company strength is a professional team, working everyday passionately and hardly to satisfy the most demanding inquiry and needs, growing day by day and leading the brand L'AUTOMAZIONE as a guarantee in the market of automation and safety systems. zed service for: developing contract specifications, quotation, installation sizing, assembly and montage, technical assistance, starting and testing further to offer a post-sales service of maintenance. The technical personnel is permanently up-to-date concerning new technologies or new Norms and Laws concerning the various kind of plant. The choice of the best products from high reliable brand leads to a mutual sati sfaction and successful results. 

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