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  Natural stones




Love for natural stones, their beauty and the uniqueness they confer to any creation: this is exactly what gave birth to VENETIAN GOLD S.p.A., a company specialised in the supply of all types of natural stones and which offers a back-up service for design, cutting and installation.

VENETIAN GOLD S.p.A. is a new brand of a prestigious reality in the field of natural stones, Ca’ D’ORO S.p.A., that has been operating in the field since 1991 on an international scale and is located in San Giorgio di Nogaro ‒ in the province of Udine, Cavaion Veronese ‒ heart of the Italian Marble District in the province of Verona, and Carrara ‒ the worldʼs most famous extraction territory in the province of Massa Carrara.

Besides being able to locate any type of material, perform perfect stone cutting and provide for their shipment ‒ made possible thanks to a network of collaborators with a proven efficiency and professionalism ‒ VENETIAN GOLD S.p.A., with the help of its partners, can offer a design consultancy service which engages a prestigious team of interior decorators and designers. For installation, the company puts at its customersʼ disposal its artisanal installers, but can also organise this service with artisanal installers selected on site or support customersʼ preferred installers.

With an expert at your side, it will be easy to select the natural stone which is the most suitable for your project, considering its aesthetics, physical features and mechanical properties. This is why VENETIAN GOLD S.p.A. is an irreplaceable partner for architects, interior designers and draughtsmen.