Marmi Faedo S.r.l.


  Via Monte Cimone, 13 36073 Cornedo Vicentino (VI)
  Phone: +39.0445.953 081
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Services: Marmi Faedo S.p.A., in addition to direct production and carving of marble, offers a range of services to deliver complete products embodying the highest quality standards: field surveys performed on the construction site, technical drawings and layout tables ready for production, which will be delivered to the client together with the marble, and ultimately supervising the laying of marble made by collaborating construction workers’ teams. 

Works: Marmi Faedo produces a vast range of stonework: indoor and outdoor steps; indoor flooring; anti-slip flamed, sanded, bush-hammered flooring for sidewalks and public squares; custom-made works made upon client’s specifications; containment ridges for outdoor flooring; Grolla Marble pool floor coverings.

Our marble: Our Grolla Marble exhibits extraordinary technical and mechanical properties that allow it to withstand atmospheric agents and sea salt. It can be employed in regions where temperatures drop well below freezing, because it can’t be damaged by intense cold; it can’t deteriorate under polluting agents in humid weather and remains structurally intact when exposed to saline crystallization.

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