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Forbo Flooring Systems is a global player in high-quality commercial and residential floor coverings. We focus on environmentally friendly, functional and design-oriented floors. We can deliver 'total solutions' for every project, assuring quality and accountability from a single supplier.



A Natural Winner! Our linoleum products with the Forbo Marmoleum brand are natural floors associated with sustainability, durability, high quality and innovative design. Our Linoleum range includes solutions for virtually any type of application. Discover the versatile world of Linoleum with over 300 colours and more than 12 different structures to choose from, available in sheet & tile formats.

Luxury Vinyl Tiles

Forbo’s Allura luxury vinyl tiles offer you the aesthetics of realistic, natural wood and stone floors whilst giving you the advantages of strong and durable vinyl: warm underfoot, sound absorbing, tough & durable, with easy installation & maintenance.

Project Vinyl

Forbo’s project vinyl floors can be used wherever people work, learn, play or go about their daily business. Design, slip resistancy, acoustic comfort, easy maintenance and durability are a key consideration of our project vinyl floors. Our project vinyl offer is available in both sheet and tiles and contains a wide range of wood designs, all over designs, stone and metals. Suitable for professional environments in healthcare, schools, office and retail.

Flotex Flocked Flooring

Flotex combines the practicality of a resilient flooring with the slip resistant and acoustic properties usually associated with textiles. Flotex is a strong and hygienic floor covering, and, being completely waterproof, Flotex is also the only truly washable textile floor.

Carpet tiles

Carpet tiles are renowned for their aesthetic styling and outstanding performance in the most demanding heavy traffic environments. Forbo Flooring offers a wide portfolio of carpet tile ranges, providing an extensive choice of design, colour, installation options and price points.


The robust, hard-wearing properties of our Needlefelt floors make it ideal for installations that meet high traffic or where chairs with castors are likely to be in use, such as in offices and retail establishments. Needlefelt carpet often provides a cost-efficient alternative to conventional broadloom carpeting in heavily-used areas that require a practical & durable textile type floor covering.

Entrance Flooring Systems

Entrance flooring is fundamental to modern building design. A well designed entrance flooring system will prevent dirt and moisture from being tracked in and thereby not only prolong the life of interior flooring and reduce cleaning and maintenance costs, but also reduce the potential for slip injuries.

ESD & Cleanroom Flooring

Protecting your technology. Colorex is an advanced technical flooring system specifically designed to control static discharge in sensitive areas such a cleanrooms, operating theatres and the electronics industry.


Acoustic flooring

Sound can have adverse effects on the human body such as sleeping disorders, stress and headaches. That’s why acoustic performance is essential when designing a new building or refurbishing an existing one. Acoustic floors are key when it comes to reducing noise in buildings.

Safety flooring

Responsible for many accidents that lead to injury, slips and trips, floors have a lot to answer for. Slips and trips are the most common cause of injuries in the workplace. By choosing a Forbo safety floor the number of accidents caused by slipping can be reduced significantly.

Consumer products

Forbo Flooring offers you some of the most exciting and advanced floors for your home. Designed to create atmosphere in your interior. Our ranges go from natural Marmoleum in sheet & tile to strong and durable Novilon and Novilux cushion vinyl floors and luxury vinyl tiles.

Non flooring products

Using linoleum for other purposes than floors might not be the first thing you think of. However, we apply special pinboard linoleum to the wall and we apply furniture linoleum to kitchen doors, desktops, tables, etc. Have a look at our Bulletin Board & Furniture Linoleum collections and get inspired.

Bespoke Design

Can't find what you are looking for despite the wide product range? No worries we have more. Within this category you find options to tweak existing products or more or less design your own while using our digital print techniques in Flotex, in Project Vinyl or in Coral Entrance Flooring. With our Westbond Flex creator you can design the colour of your carpet tile as of 5m2. Using Aquajet for Marmoleum can create the finest designs.

Wetroom solutions

Forbo offers a complete wetroom solution from floor to wall with it's Onyx vinyl wall coverings and Step safety flooring. Combining aesthetics and technical performance, our Wetroom collection is perfectly suited for commercial applications such as wetrooms of health facilities, nursing homes and senior residences, and other barefoot areas such as spa/pool surroundings and changing rooms.

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