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The company

Giving continuous shock to the market from the point of view of quality and professionalism. It sounds like a pun, but this is the philosophy of Gianmario Paini, CEO of EPAINI from Turin, company specializing in industrial electrical installations in Italy and related to the service sector in the first place. Who laid the foundations for business success was his father, Enrico Paini, who founded the business in 1960 proposing at the outset as serious professional and capable. The seriousness and professionalism are still today, fifty years later, visible strengths as Gianmario Paini said: "Half a century of experience can not go unnoticed, we employ highly qualified employees - 30 people, including employees and external - and guaranteed suppliers such as Comoli & Ferrari from Novara or ZeroUno from Turin, could also boast extreme punctuality in all payments that is quite enviable these days."


The competence of our company ranges from the installation of industrial electrical and civil electrical to the maintenance of electrical systems themselves. We have experience in setting up systems for offices, banks, hospitals, nursing homes, hotels, shopping centers, industrial buildings at street lighting systems, cabins Mt- Bt , solar panels and photovoltaic systems , fire detection systems, fire alarm systems, home automation systems, data networking, telephony, security systems, video surveillance systems. The qualitative and innovative research are two constants of the EPAINI, a policy that has paid off given the success of the brand, passed in 1984 in a limited liability company in size and turnover.
  The client base of the company has experienced a significant increase Lavazza, Elyo Italy, Gradenigo Hospital, Piedmont Region, Azienda Energetica Metropolitana Torino, Siemens, INRIM Smat, Reale Immobili are some of the most renowned witnesses of the way we operate. Interventions to which is added the great work for General Electric during the Winter Olympics in Turin in 2006, where the company has dealt with "Distribution of primary and secondary power sets" of different Olympic sites in particular the IBC ( International Broadcast Center) in Via Nizza, which aims to ensure all connections are broadcast worldwide.
  E.P.A.I.N.I. is not only active in northern Italy: they are a source of pride collaborations developed in Beijing, always in view of the Olympic Games, and in South Africa, at the time of the World Football Cup, an intervention commissioned by Agrekko.

It has been established a collaborative relationship with the Spa Building, a large construction company in Turin , with whom we worked on the expansion of the shopping center Le Fornaci in Beinasco and the new industrial area of Rivoli. In addition, in 2011 started the development of general electrical installations Settimo Cielo Retail Park - new center for shopping from the metropolitan area of Turin. Three abstracts estate area parks and pedestrian connections, in which there are ten operators : Decathlon (apparel and sports equipment), Piazza Italy (clothing), Pittarello (shoes), Self ( do-it -yourself), Nat & Bio ( organic supermarket ) , Jysk and House ( home goods ), Shopping World (clothing), Mishi Mishi (catering ), BlueSky (bar), Roadhouse (catering ) and Burger King (catering).

Yet alongside with Building Spa, we worked on the recent renovation of the Palace Valperga Via Alfieri 6 in Turin, intervention that has restored luster and appeal to the eighteenth-century structure.
It ' clear that the core business remains the installation of each type of plant in the service industry and the service sector, but the reputation of the company came often to those who are at the top of client companies, so they do not become rare work in residences private luxury.