Ponti Eugenio Montaggi Industriali S.rl.


  Ponti Eugenio Montaggi Industriali S.r.l. 23020 Gordona (SO)
  Phone: +39.0343.41381
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  steel & metal


Founded in 1988 as a sole proprietorship Eugenio Ponti started doing small industrial installation.
The development of the company is also due to market expansion into the supply and installation of steel structures and buffers and continuous research into new materials.The first significant increase in the years 93/94, in 93 you begin to move beyond the Italian borders, arriving in Germany and then to those in Europe to Siberia for the construction of base camps, thus expanding its market and its international prestige.
In 2005, the company was consolidated into a limited company with the name of Ponti Eugenio Montaggi Industriali Srl.
Ponti Eugenio Montaggi Industraili Srl has over twenty years of experience and continues to look to the future to research better materials.
The company, thanks to its dedication to work and its understanding the importance of direct relationships with people, has been able to broaden their perspectives and is growing.

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