Gualini S.p.a.


  Via Bartolomeo Colleoni, sn 24060 Costa di Mezzate (BG)
  Phone: +39.035.940 253
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Gualini S.p.A. is a company with a long tradition in its field which has grown over the years through the efforts and dedication of both the owners and the working staff. The on-going and steady innovation of the production plants along with the continuous development of the products have ranked Gualini S.p.A. among the industry’s leading companies in Italy.

The highly-automated production lines include:

•   loading units with fully automatic sequences;

•   CNC machining centres with five or six-axis machining;

•   unloading units with fully automatic sequences;

•   co-ordinated and synchronized automatic assembly lines.

The advanced production system provides high-level product quality with continuous control and monitoring at all stages of the production cycle. The company is ISO 9001 - Vision 2000 certified for all of the company’s specific products, namely curtain walls, door and window frames, roof lights, industrial doors, interior doors and the like. All products of Gualini S.p.A. are the result of an on-going design innovation process that ranks them in the forefront, when it comes to technology and beauty, in order to properly fit into the overall design of the building. As a function of the project at issue and in accordance with the customer’s requests, Gualini S.p.A. offers solutions providing sets of profiles from the best brands ever found on the market or, alternatively, its own sets of special profiles. More specifically, Gualini S.p.A. offers specific solutions for building renovation and conservative restoration projects by providing high-performance products which also take care to recreate the harmony of shapes and colours found in the original design of the building. The "solar" division of Gualini S.p.A. can design and set up high-tech façades and roofing, with photovoltaic installations for the production of electricity and heating plants for the production of hot air and water at the service of the user. Therefore, Gualini is the ideal partner to combine the architectural needs and aspirations of the design with an ideal indoor living comfort.

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