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  Via Spinazzi, 15/17 29017 Fiorenzuola D'Arda (PC)
  Phone: +39.0523 242711
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AZA Spa was born at the beginning of 2011 from the fusion of two historical companies in the curtain walls and special operas of walls and steel. 
After a long experience of partnership in some internal and international projects, Aghito Spa in Noventa Padovana (PD) and Zambonini Spa in Fiorenzuola D’Arda (PC) joined and give life to a new company, strong and dynamic, with high qualified skills. Testimonials of the high level in projecting and executing are visible in Italian cities such as Rome, Milan, Genoa, Bolzano, Aosta, and some other outside Italian borders: Paris, Innsbruck and Tirana, just to show some exemples. 
AZA Spa garantisce:

  • RELIABILITY,in other words we keep our promises through the use of high quality product , new materialsand most of all attention to details,
  • ENVIRONMENT, attention and research for the procedures linked to resources optimization, aware of the importance of environment respect for us and for our son,s
  • SAFETY, we use protection, prevention and defense proceedings for the health and our employees such as written in the new law,
  • ETHICAL, the whole of the values to which AZA inspire itself to reach our goals, as expressed in the ETHICAL CODE, indispensable element for the correct operation, reliability, reputation and image of the company.

The tendency to continuous improvement in all procedural steps, from analysis todesign, from construction to installation, allows AZA Spa to certify as protagonist of the market. Who relies on exclusive professionality and expertise of Aghito Zambonini Spa cancount on a company able to satisfy even complex and unusual needs. The companyprovides its rich and rigorous know how in various fields of construction, from Directional to Commercial, from industrial to residential. Every detail has been taken care in the details both technically and engineering. All steps, from the creative to the operational one, are treated with extremespecialist and methodological care, thanks to solid experience and highly qualifiedskills, ensuring excelllent quality standards. The final outcome is a perfect balance between aesthetics and functionality, architecture and engineering, science and design.

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