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  Via Milano, 1A 22070 Luisago (CO)
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  impianti tecnologici


The firm was founded in 1968 as “Fratelli Panzeri”, a typically artesian company. During these first years the focus was mainly concentrated on the installation of home heating and plumbing. The economy of our country was booming, and our culture was undergoing profound changes. In order to meet the needs of important new industrial clients, the company underwent a thorough reorganisation.  Newly raised funds were invested in new computer technology for the improvement of project design, planning and control in order to facilitate the projection and installation of ever larger and increasingly sophisticated installations. The prefabrication of parts in our workshops, and their assemblage at the work site, guarantees the high quality of the component pieces and brings about a remarkable decrease in installation time. In the 1990’s the new company headquarters, still in Gironico, are built. The new building’s design is more responsive to the needs of a rapidly growing company. Apart from its management offices, the new building is also home to the archives, an ample warehouse and two large modern machine shops: one for prefabrication and the preassembly of sprinkler stations and systems, the other for the construction of ducts. In 2008 Panzeri celebrated its 40th birthday. 
We are proud that the choices we have made over the years have turned out to be the right ones and that our entrepreneurship ability has been the deciding factor in the success of our company. 
Our dedication, which has been recognised with important awards on all levels, will continue to be the determining factor in the future and enable us to take on global quality projects.

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