campZero Active Luxury Resort

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by Bladidea / Champoluc, Italy


The hotel is located in the upper Ayas Valley, a few hundred meters from the village of Champoluc, in a clearing surrounded by woods. A MEP services platform  occupies the entire leveling floor and is surmounted by a lawn on which are scattered - giving the impression of a spontaneous village - some small two-storey wooden volumes, each containing a duplex room. A concrete made prism, like a large hollow erratic boulder around which the wooden village has joined, unites the service platform with the rooms.

Above the plate, three blocks of rooms converge around the boulder, each composed of an aggregation of ten small wooden volumes with single-pitched metal roofs, differently oriented. In this way the design interpretates and refers to the volumetric aggregation of some traditional settlements, where the village itself often developed from houses built around a large erratic block.

With this language it was possible to fragment the important emerging volume, partly placed below the green plate and partly distributed in the thirty different shapes of the rooms. The result is a building with a discontinuous skyline that does not overwhelm the transition line between lawns and forest, softly adapting itself in a natural enviroment that, thanks to its morphological characteristics and to the small constructions, will be preserved as it is.

The hotel is dedicated to mountain lovers and sports&wellness fans, and it offers restaurants and bars, a 25 meters long swimming pool, fitness room and SPA. The boulder, that hosts an indoor climbing gym inside its hall, during winter months is externally covered with ice for the piolet-traction climb.


Regina delle Alpi s.r.l.


bladidea :  Diego Brustia, Marco Maresca, Massimo Desalvo, Hermann Kohllöffel, Alessandro Rigazio 

interior designer

Nisi Magnoni


IC Srl,  MC2, AB Sound  

conception  / start planning / start construction / completation

2014 / 2015 / 2016 / 2018

site area/ total gross floor area

18.300 mq

construction cost

12,5  M Euro

image credits 

Dario Fusaro, Giovanni Pitscheider