The vegetal chandelier

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by DB Design David Bitton / Paris


“Levitating floral arrangement”

 The vegetal chandelier is made up of a constellation of backlit vases, suspended by extremely fine cable. The circular mirror at the top, along with the vases’ reflective bases, create a play of arial transparency and reflections. The vegetal chandelier is a floral composition in levitation, reflected in the circular mirror mounted on the ceiling. The Osram “Lightify” application, installed on a smartphone, allows the lamps’ brightness and the colors of the chandelier to be changed.


Model shown:

Diameter: 90 cm

Height: 70 cm

Each chandelier is handmade by French artisans.

The base of the vases is made from aluminum with a polished mirror finish, and the body of the vases is cast in transparent methacrylate. The chandelier is equipped with the Osram “Led Lightify” app. The model presented at VIA show is made up of seven hanging vases, though the chandelier is customizable and can be crafted including up to 40 vases.