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Creative Energy

A melting pot of creativity with an international flavour, where design, fashion and culture converge all year round. It’s Tortona’, the first district to become a Fuorisalone circuit, paving theway for what is now one of the most important design appointments in the sector. And fifteen yearsafter the launch, it is now also a new point of reference for the creative industries. A development that has been driven by a strong desire for renewal, experimentation and contaminations between similar worlds, creating a fertile breeding ground for new enterprises and cultural production.

With its identity as a district that is capable of attracting and engaging designers and creators of international fame, businesses, incubators, start-ups and emerging talent alike, Tortona has become an authentic and established hub of innovation, cultural production and exchange that is open to both the public and the city, also thanks to the presence of prestigious cultural realities. Among these companies and institutions are Armani/Silos, Mudec (Museum of Culture) and BASE Milano, a new integrated cultural and creative project that will be launched on the 30th March at the historic ex-Ansaldo space. The latter of which were also chosen as the official locations of the international XXI Triennale di Milano exhibition. 

Tortona Design Week 2016 will be a moment of great creative energy and participation. The district, which attracted 115.000 visitors and 180 events from over 20 countries in 2015, is always a key protagonist in the Fuorisalone event. In fact, as well as the proposals of the realities already active in the district, there will also be the projects of famous and emerging designers from across the globe, including China, France, Germany, Japan, Great Britain, Holland, Poland, Czech Republic and Spain. 

This year, Tortona Design Week will be hosting a vast array of prestigious international designers, including: Maarten Baas, who will be presenting ‘NEW!NOW!HERE’, an innovative artistic project where the confines of design will be pushed to the extremes; Marcel Wanders, who will also be exhibiting with MOOOI, will be showing a world preview of a new design concept for children; top-level architect and industrial designer, Naoto Fukasawa, has curated the Geoluxe event; Mario Cucinella Architects will be presenting ‘SOS - School of Sustainability’, a series of workshops, prototype laboratories and lessons in ‘Creative Empathy’, presented in a multifunctional space.