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Il Design meets fashion in the name of style - Ron Arad - GUZZINI FOR HACKETT


Design meets fashion in the name of style. 

During the week-long Milan Furniture Show, Guzzini has been invited by Hackett to present “Ripples”, Ron Arad’s latest creation Guzzini has chosen the prestigious Hackett store at Via Manzoni, 38 in Milan, to present Ripples, a modern, acrylic bottle designed by Ron Arad, one of the most eclectic and prestigious designers in the world. Ron Arad, the archistar will be on hand Monday, April 11th from 6:30 pm to 9:30 pm, for the launching of Ripples and will be happy to field questions from the press and explain his own personal interpretation of the water bottle, a fascinating object with a long history.

Domenico Guzzini, president of Fratelli Guzzini comments, “It is always a great privilege when a company can boast designs by a big name like Ron Arad who has gained popularity and credence thanks to the creativity, originality and singularity of his creations. And Hackett, the perfect protagonist of English Style, and influencer par excellence for new trends in contemporary elegance, is the best possible partner for launching Ripples, a cool product destined to become cult”.    “Hackett is pleased to host the event for launching the Ripples water bottle at its Milan store. Its unique, innovative design bespeaks the fame of Ron Arad, today’s quintessential designer. Ripples is a stylish modern product that the Hackett man might put in his briefcase, Hackett states. The perfect synergy between different languages in which all of the actors draw upon their skills, their peculiarities and their rich backgrounds to give life to a singular moment rich in beauty and style.