by Senn Resources AG / St Gallen, Swiss



The two districts of Flims, Flims-Dorf and Flims-Waldhaus, are separated by the valley section Val Stenna on a length of 150 m and today only connected by the Stenna bridge. This incision ensures that the road space is not accompanied by any use over a total length of 180 m.

At this prominent location, a multifunctional center will be created for Flims. A meeting place that also serves as a link between the two districts: Flims-Dorf 
and Flims-Waldhaus. Existing and new uses complement each other optimally. Living, hotel, services and shopping as well as the new extended parking garage will give new impetus to Flims.

The translation of a bridge structure into a transparent, accessible and accessible structure forms the project STENNA. In the attic storey set back on all sides, a hotel is created on a unique location, which is the special feature

the place benefits and creates peace and wonderful panoramic view. The new parking garage with 1235 parking spaces forms a generous platform. On this platform, a high-quality outdoor space is created with a space between the three residential buildings and the bridge structure, which can be used in all seasons as a new «destination» of the destination in many ways. The buildings adapt to the location through arrangement and cubature. In front of the bridge, the uniform altitude and the integration of the street and the pavement area into the surrounding area create an attractive place in the middle of Flims.

Overall, a defaced valley cut is redeveloped and deficiencies in wealth changed. The building structure and functions are the result of a precise analysis of the location and the needs of Flims.

The project sees itself as an interactive element that wants to create a new, better place out of the existing. The volume is deliberately restrained from the situation. Horizontal plates in their analogy are reminiscent of the tectonics of the massif. The bridge construction is a sign of continuity and evolution (transformation). Its volume can be understood as a self-confident but also sensitive reaction to the complex framework conditions.

The subdivision of the project into depth and height finally brings the (new) location a very precise form that completely changes the random and one-dimensional nature of the now-state. With the project STENNA Flims gets the chance to find a new identity, which acts as a magnet for both parts of the place.

The connection of the area to the mountain railways, the Hapimag, the ski area with the new downhill to the space between the new buildings, the slow traffic (cyclists and mountain bikers), hiking trails and to the higher traffic network is optimal and is upgraded by the bypass road , The STENNA project is being developed via the existing Via Nova and Via Stenna. The connection to public transport is also improved by the attractive covered waiting rooms and the relocation of the existing post bus stop.


Object / Name / Location: STENNA, 7017 Flims

Client:  Credit Suisse, Senn Resources AG 

Project Development / Total Contractor:  Senn Resources AG, St. Gallen 

Architect:  Baumschlager Eberle, St. Gallen 

Usable area: 60'162 m2

Construction volume: 267,390 m3

Investment volume:  167 million CHF 

Start of construction: 2014

Completion:  in stages 2018 + 2019