Il Fuori Salone

Brera, Lambrate, Statale, Tortona

This event transforms the city that becomes vital in all its areas, crowded with young people from all parts of the world who thirst for novelty and want to be part of this atmosphere to say I was there. This year more than ever, the events are dedicated to quality products and the culture of living. The Art Theatre of Milan Triennale staged "Design Dance" - a project by Michela Marelli and Francesca Molteni, who speaks and acts, to dance, 456 design objects that become actors and narrators to tell the emotions that made them be born. Very interesting, the first architectural work of the Mendini brothers in Milan: Bovisatech. The new complex of 15,000 meters, dedicated to fashion design and technology, consists of 8 class A buildings in crystals colored , wood and concrete, which are located in front of the Polytechnic in Bovisa, the historic area of ​​the city. Mendini with their project give homage to the history of their city: the pinnacles that rise the towers cite the spiers of the Duomo, the clean lines of the buildings interact with the rationalist architecture of the first decades of the twentieth century.
And the colors of the facades are harmonized with those of the university. Also a contemporary interpretation of the old soul of the industrial district, featured in large continuous horizontal windows inspired by those of historical factories, which expresses the generation gap in this fast-growing high-tech. Much attention has been paid to the formal language that mixed with the environment makes this work unique and of great value. Another event to remember is definitely "The Seecret Garden" hosted in Brera at the 'Orto Botanico' in the heart of Milan, a quiet green area surrounded by palaces within the Academy of Brera (which unfortunately is in a state of absolute degradation), where Barovier & Toso and Citco, presented an exhibition where they can show whether the glassblowing for the realization of light installations and chandeliers and  the processing and treatment of inlaid marble for the production of surfaces. An artistic handcraft combined with industrial great precision and quality. Paola Navone and Zaha Hadid enact these two types of arrangements to witness the mastery of the two companies in producing articles of extraordinary beauty. Surely the exhibition The "House Of Italian" organized by AD magazine and sponsored by the city of Milan deserves to be remembered, an occasion in which for the first time the international network of AD will be present with all the directors of the eight editions. The exhibition was designed and curated by the director of AD Ettore Mocchetti in Fiera Milano City. The project examines the way of living the home of Italians from 1861 to 2011 a multimedia and interactive exhibition. Hundreds of videos, objects, style icons and over 200 photos of 'internal large format, highlight the evolution of the lifestyle, tastes and habits in our country.
Surely the alternative to Via Tortona is in via Ventura Lambrate, working-class neighborhood and full of factories and workshops perhaps little known even by the Milanese people. Today it is a place where you can celebrate the art and design and where the watchword is experimentation. Two Dutch girls Vollembergn Margriet and Margo Konings, graduated in design that they decided to set up this area every year at the Salone Del Mobile, becoming a destination for many who want to breathe international air. Ninety exhibitors between design and artists who come from all parts of Europe. Surely this neighborhood is ideal to enhance the color and vitality of projects. At Plusdesign Gallery projects are represented everyday objects immediately recognizable, are perceived by the apparent line of the two-dimensional design made from black wool, while the transition to the third dimension is given to the observer and his movement, his imagination and involvement that is crucial in the installation , Analogy 003 (part of the project Analogy Project), has achieved a 'installation whose purpose is to experience in space a communication language which memories the signs of a sketch on paper, as well as to merge tradition, ancient materials and contemporary technologies. Ventura this year in the area were also giants like IKEA, Ballantine and COS clothing chain super minimal. Lambrate fashion, nice atmosphere, coherent and congenial industrial locations for the occasion take the form of art galleries, but also a brilliant speech that certainly has reassessed the outskirts of design and art. Including exhibitions, events, happenings. To mention the event in the courts of the Statale Università deli Studi. Interior Legacy theme of this event is the memory of the past that provides ideas and thoughts for the design of the future, where a culture of sustainability and the reduction of waste in our homes should be a goal for all of us. In this frame of historical excellence, rank and experimental installations and almost futuristic designed by international designers with the contribution of technologically advanced companies.  Icon Celebration by Matteo Ragni with Camparisoda and Verallia, by installing it in bent sheet celebrates eighty years of Camparisoda bottle that in the 32 was designed by DEPERO, but also celebrates its raw material. Around the sculpture eighty deperiani men to remember that there was Futurism and that there is a future that will take care of recycling and ecology. Very interesting project is Photosynthesis, the Arch Akihisa Hirata is installing the natural process of photosynthesis which is the only biological process that can collect solar energy capturing a huge amount. Solar panels are represented (in cooperation with Panasonic) but not horizontally mounted on transparent polycarbonate that make them look like the branches of a tree. The concept that the architect expresses is definitely directed towards research on the creation of storage and efficient use of renewable energy, taking advantage of the nature. "Belvedere" in the Courtyard of Honour of the Statale created by Michele De Lucchi, a place where one goes to contemplate what surrounds us, this installation wants to convey the need to observe the world to understand it and the constant search for beauty that many sometimes we do not notice but that exists around us. Very scenic, it is a large cubic structure consisting of thin panels of technical porcelain Granites Flanders and excavated by conical shapes, the observer can take the survey and breakdown perspective of a large three-dimensional volume, lighting is by Guzzini. Also the installation "Flysch"  by Jacopo Foggini is high impact and usable to 360 ° from the upper gallery of the university, where it captures the complexity of all colors, the name of this form multicolor derived from geology and refers to a deposit of rocks of considerable thickness, constituted by debris. It is a fantastic vision that recalls the shape of a river that cuts a path between two banks that never touch, the river reminds us of the passage of time, but also the traditions and the many colors represent the great complexity and variety of nature. Architect's Eye, a big ball of stainless steel reflector inside the courtyard of honor, attracts the visitor's eye, a high tech sculpture, a sphere animated with a LED system, has the image of a human giant pupil that change both the color of the iris and the pupil size, the company has collaborated with the russian architect Sergei Tchban who wanted to represent some precarious situations related to works of art and artistic heritage as the monuments of  Russia in state of decay a strong call for governments and states around the world to save and look after their own history and culture. Certainly the area with more energy and more fashionable is Zona Tortona where the "Temporary Museum for New Design" is back for the fourth year, a project conceived by Gisella Borioli, under the artistic direction of Giulio Cappellini, provides a series of 30 exhibitions, presentations are often signed by the stars of the event created a design to accommodate an original projects of great brand, but also to secure promises, following the successful concept "less fair and more museum". Many locations that are home to a selection of companies that have quality projects with a theme of great relevance: the ecology, which is addressed by many companies that has been the subject of discussions and conferences, including the furniture must be the result of a construction cycle that takes into account the environment and recycling. The eco design will surely be the new trend of living the future, subject to be considered by the designers universally to make ecological housing not only structurally but also In furnishing in order to be consistent with the social commitment that all countries of the world are spreading. Other items proposed in the large multipurpose center: Experiences, sensory pathways, parallel realities, living design, emotions to try. Science fiction scenarios lead visitors into the future of technology, in the homes of tomorrow. Two installations that evoke a mystical forest and conceptual in the large room dedicated to Canon (by Toshiki Kiriyama). Space soft and unsettling to rest and admire a labyrinth of images, lights, sounds to tell the sources of inspiration for Foscarini (by Vicente Garcia Jimenez). With Diesel, the house (in collaboration with Foscarini, Moroso and Scavolini) is casual, centered around the new "Social Kitchen" perfect "party room" in your home. With Samsung, (by Italo Rota) you enter in the future, in an environment to be discovered through augmented reality. Gray and indistinct space is transformed and soul step by step using the Galaxy Tab, which reveals a smart life and a smart house. New feature is the large underground space of about 2,000 square meters in the basement of Superstudio dedicated to young talents from all over the world. Discovering is a journey through the promises of design: 43 young Italian and international designers and 24 winners Ilide dedicated to light which are added the 20 designers of the project the Museum of Paper, small objects designed for Italian museum shops. In the heart of Zona Tortona, for the second year in a post-industrial space that still has the charm, Piero Lissoni has designed for Nespresso a container of multi-sensory experiences on two levels, able to conquer guests with the scent and emotions of a Nespresso coffee in a warm and stimulating rooms. The Design Village this year with the brand Cappellini, Cassina, Poltrona Frau, Nemo-Lighting has moved to the Fondazione Arnaldo Pomodoro. The staging of the Design Village 2012 was edited by Paola Navone, Piero Lissoni and Giulio Cappellini. Poltrona Frau this year celebrated his birthday is the first Italian furniture across the finish line of one hundred years, the purpose of the company was certainly to bring the public closer to the brand, although in effect Poltrona Frau belongs to the world of luxury, because of its characteristics and partially crafted for the materials that are the result of great research and experiments, everything inevitably affects the final price of products that have unique characteristics. Cassina instead continues the journey in his vast archive, as witnessed by the revival of its 50s Cassina edict ion, it followed in a faithful manner the original plans of 1952 by producing a limited edition of 50 pieces . Many innovations of Cappellini, who bet on young designers from around the world, to enrich his already colorful world of a global Zeitgeist.  Design Week is a very important week for the city both from economic and cultural reason, the design has played in most cases  a social function, offering innovative and environmentally conscious, and finally to the end user . The formula business and culture functioned successfully, the commercial has been joined to a great quality of events and impactful projects that have attracted the attention of an international audience that exported our creativity and professionalism.