Luca Scacchetti

between architecture


Between architecture 

and design

A work divided between design, interiors, architecture, urbanism and then still teaching, essay writing and painting. A kind of unified vision of the scale of the project, passing on the same day from a building, to a masterplan, to the design of a chair or desk, making the design work of Luca Scacchetti like a kind of reasoning, a thought on the forms that surround us, rebuilding a global landscape, where the detail of an object counts as the architectural or urban structure, where everything combine to bring the formulation of a coherent and an overall image, building, project after project, a vision of the world.

A Renaissance or humanist view which tends to bring everything together under a new look, and that, in changing continuously the subject of observation and scale of the project, provides mental flexibility and a wealth of ideas, suggestions and inspiration almost endless.

Within this unity of scale, Scacchetti, moves with the belief that the task of designers, both as a designer rather than an architect, is also ethical, and also is attend upon, and to be the means by which certain transformations can occur. A job that is never, self-referential, but that always takes place for others and with others. 

All this leads to a different listening, to try to understand the problems and expectations of the customer or of the companies with which we work, by adopting a design capable of interpreting their hopes and potential.

With ownership, managers, marketing people, technical offices, workers, artisans, contractors, retailers, the project, in Scacchetti ideas, look like a kind of “orchestra rehearsal” where the architect leads the song to be music for, a song that would be mute without the contribution and participation of others.

So every Scacchetti’s building or product, becomes more and more an action inside a more complex story, and behind every work there is the work of many, collective and common. In this design, run as part of a job we find the way, the thematic, material and formal richness of Scacchetti works, his ability to transfer skills and experience from one theme to another without stopping.