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Interviewing ...

Which are the prerogatives over corporate strategies that characterizing Flou? In the latest edition of the Salone del Mobile you have presented new nine proposals for the bed: why so many products, a strategic business or the desire to try to please different generational groups?
I would say that design innovation is the prerogative of Flou. Our products have always anticipated paths of taste and the contemporary needs as early as the bed Nathalie Vico Magistretti designed in 1978, a model that was not there before, first of a kind - the modern textile bed - which later became one standard. In the last Salone we presented many new features, the result of considerable effort we have made to respond to changes in the way of furnishing and the approach to the purchase following the economic crisis. He prompted us to perform it also the realization that in recent years were just the new models to collect more support.
In addition to designers who work with you historically, You presented young professionals at the last show, like the Studio Projects Thesia who designed the Essentia bed, a choice to other companies  as an important signal. This strategy was used to have a dedicated channel with a young audience or just to give opportunities to new talent?
The whole of the new 2012 products is a varied offer that satisfies a bit 'all segments, from' "entry level" to the most sophisticated. ESSENTIA stands and strikes because it summarizes the concept of simplicity, lightness and modernity. The idea came from two young architects fresh graduate ( the Studio Thesia) to which we were pleased to offer an opportunity.
The bed Essentia has a reduced cost compared to your usual production, is a choice that will be undertaken for other products?
The basic version of ESSENTIA costs 1,300 euros, but in the catalog we have other beds in this price range. It is a strategy that has long stretches also special versions of our best-selling Nathalie and Tadao whose price does not differ much, while remaining unchanged the quality that distinguishes all Flou products. The purpose is to allow more and more consumers to identify and choose the characteristics of their own bed.
Do you believes the strategy of the web?
Apart from the personal interest that I always had, the renewal of our website was the first job that my father has entrusted to me when I joined the company. Our interactive site is also very popular because, through easy steps, allows you to "compose" your bed by choosing all of the components to the final price and the drafting of the budget. Now we are thinking of a social network to communicate with the public network, more and more adept at distinguishing - among countless proposals - corporate and product quality.
What are your target markets today? 
Our turnover is covered 70% by the Italian market, and it is progressively increasing the export share in parallel to the extension of the distribution of our products in Europe, in countries outside Europe as well as in China, Russia and Asian countries.
In an economic situation for Europe so fragile are you optimistic about the made in Italy?
The market has certainly changed and for this reason it is also full of challenges and opportunities for the made in Italy. The obligatory path is to focus on the quality of the project by translating it into products that meet the expectations of a cosmopolitan public increasingly differentiated and informed.
In addition to the beds you have also included a collection of wardrobes; this choice has put you in competition with other companies specialized in this field,  is it a winning choice?
It was an obvious choice. Since 1978 we are dedicated to "good sleep" and you can say that since then our dealers were asking us to produce wardrobes. If we have not satisfied the first was because, in an already saturated market, it was necessary to offer something different and special. After extensive research, testing of new materials and lots of creativity we began in 2010 to produce a series of wardrobe capable of expressing "the textile core" and the Flou quality.
The bedroom is no longer designed only for sleep, today in this area are also held other activities are you working in this direction?
In its natural evolution Flou has produced a wide range of beds, accessories, linens that make up the most complete offer in the market today as far as the good life in the bedroom, where they now accomplishing tasks that go beyond that of simple sleep.
How do you see the economic future at this time, we will be able to be competitive compared to other emerging markets?
The Italian furnishing are admired around the world for what they do. If only we could work in a "normal" country I am sure that the successes achieved so far in the future will only increase!
Massimiliano Messina.