Salone satellite

snooping around young people under 35


Design innovation + craftsmanship

Also the Salone Satellite 2014 was confirmed as a spectacular and exciting event: creative young people under 35 showed their talent and a great imaginative capacity, creating design objects from their dreams that will one day decorate our home, using increasingly innovative materials, with the use of digital technology - now increasingly present for the realization of their prototypes.

In this talent show created and directed by Marva Griffin since 1998, 650 participants came from 32 countries and 5 continents, selected by a prestigious and competent committee. They showcased everything that represents them: desires and beliefs, hopes and disappointments and expressed it through their projects, hoping to be noticed and with the expectation of becoming famous like the great designer that preceded them.

The theme was in fact Design, Innovation + Craftsmanship; 4 workshops: textiles, ceramics, leather and  a digital workshop have supported young designers, in order to transmit them manual skills in working handcrafted traditional and classic materials but also in using digital manufacturing, 3D printing, considered the future technolgie of design.

A jury made up of major figures in the world of design, engineering and production chose the best three projects among the sectors represented at the “Salone del Mobile”, and more specifically, “EuroCucina” and “Salone Internazionale del Bagno”.

The so called “Salone-Satellite Award”, in its 5th edition, the fulcrum of contacts between young designers and companies in the present industry. It has awarded € 10,000 to the Italian Studio “From” for their “Volta Lamp”, selected for using it in a functional home space especially in the relationship between home - office.

The second prize of € 5,000 went to French Arturo Erbsman for his  mood lamp “Atmos”, that uses water condensation to create a diffuse emotional light.

The third prize of € 2,500 has been given to American Avandi for his non-slip ladder support called “Steptool”, awarded for the practicality and versatility of the object to be used in confined spaces, enriched by small details that make it playful and less usual.

All designers deserve to be mentioned, particularly talented in my opinion are: Mr Sheep with his lamps “Time Weaver”, a composition of bright colours in acrylic plates which are very easy to assemble and which create a play of elegant light on the walls, - really special; Jason Mizrahi with his “Belcanto”  a guayubira wood chair that is influenced by the architecture, sculpture and painting; Julius Masciocchi with his beach chair “Xylem” reinterprets the wood with curved and sinuous shapes; Mary Volokhova and her amusing unusual porcelain with the shapes of animals, such as “Sus Bonus lamp” a kitchen accessory in the form of a pig’s head; Garay Design Studio, which creates a light installation called “Medusas” in the form of a living organism, giving a soft intriguing light. The Studio has created also “Mush Lamp” a table lamp shaped like a mushroom that is wireless battery-operated with adjustable light; Marija Puoskari and Anna Palomaa from Lapland and their “Liuku lamps” pendant lamps which consist of a wooden part and a colored glass part. Nature is always very present in their projects; Pascal Koch of the Studio “Belgium is Design” with his cutlery in metal alloy, a reflection of today’s society and how design can reinterpret trends of the past; Millia Seyppel Studio impressed me by the simplicity of her three linear objects, such as her circular wooden tables called “Cirkel”, with their straight and slender legs which are contrasting the massive base, and their chair “Sunnfjord” inspired by the Norwegian landscape, with a backrest in solid hardwood that remains static and functional at the same time. And last not list, its “45 Series”, a collection of three candle holders almost mini sculptures made of ash wood, with forms very precise and well cut; Guglielmo Poletti with “Groove”, low modular library in matte black surface made up of 2 mm sheet metal that can create infinite horizontal repetitions because of the flexibility of the structure; Dossofiorito with their project “The Phytophiler”, a series of terracotta pots filled with plants and objects used for daily care, they demonstrate the relationship between humans and the plant that surrounds them to remind us the importance of nature; Interlaced Studio with its work “Furniture screen & Lamp” that creates a particular effect in the light, as the designer Viichen says: «seeing the moon from a wooden window of a traditional Chinese house»; the project “Rocker”, designed by Sean Leyden of Oregon University, his ergonomic rocking chair gives optimum comfort designed for minimal spaces; Ruxi Sacalis with “Tre.foil” project, a series of functional and timeless wooden stools that demonstrate in their execution great craftsmanship; Morten & Jonas two lamps: one called “Say my name” in blown glass with different shades of colour from dark to the light purple, giving a warm and soft light and the second lamp called “Shades”, three different lampshades mounted together on a steel grill painted white to become one.

Due to the current economic-social situation, it is particularly difficult today to find the right balance between technological resources, the know-how in the field of design and the demands of the world market; very often the concept of functionality is abandoned, favouring the appearance and fashion trends; young designers should not forget that the objects they create on one hand have the task of decorating our future homes, but on the other hand to improve aspects of everyday life.

The big challenge is being able to capture all the nuances not only in reference to the design and the technological and emotional development, but also to provide a good product, unique and with added value in consideration of the declining sales and financial crisis.

It was a great pleasure to know that was renewed the collaboration between young designers and  the department store Rinascente in Milan, where a special stand for design was created that gives visibility to famous brands as well as to new talents, which are getting the possibility to introduce their creations to new markets.

I wish, therefore, to all the new talents to find the right place on the global market and to provide us new ideas for a better future ... 

Good luck!