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1920 Riva

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For over 20 years a unique and constant goal guide our work: to produce furniture designed by famous designers and architects, and only use solid forestation with natural finishes for an authentic house where you can breathe the scent of wood, oil and wax. The products are made entirely in Italy with the tradition of the past and, even today, they are the result of the work of cabinetmakers who create unique pieces of furniture. Thanks to our production system certified UNI EN ISO 9001 everything is checked at every stage, from cutting the trunk to the finished product. Our furniture are also made exclusively with wood from reforestation areas controlled, in full respect of nature and under the protection of the laws and local and international organizations. For years, Riva 1920 has achieved excellence at international level, starting from Europe (especially Germany) up to the overseas territories, ensuring an international market consolidated and in constant expansion. A boundless love for wood, for the environment and for the high quality product, almost niche, which allowed us to get happy and collaborations with internationally renowned designers and grow professionally and personally.
Showroom and Wood Museum
Showroom and Riva 1920 Wood Museum are housed in a beautiful structure almost entirely covered with larch wood, one of the most durable woods weatherproof weather and the passage of time. The showroom, located on the ground floor of Riva Centre, is a room of about 1200 square meters that highlights the essence and uniqueness of solid wood products. Inside, there are numerous items and various works of design symbol of the variety of production that is updated every year and is actualized. Part of the permanent collection are pieces made with woods of reuse such as Kauri millenarian, the Briccole in Venice and the fragrant cedar of Lebanon. The Wood Museum, which is located on the top floor of the structure, houses over 2,000 historical machines and tools for woodworking, a unique collection of its kind in Italy, for the quantity of present pieces. The exhibition, which aims to rediscover the origins of the tradition of the Cantù woodworking, 1800 includes many tools from ancient italian workshops. In the large hall there are planes, work tables, combined, polishing machines, band saws, ribs: technically almost forgotten that back to the origins of the woodwork. The Riva collection to complete is freely accessible to the public and open to anyone curious to get to know the traditions of the woodwork.