Il Maggiore Verbania

by Gruppo Stones and Gruppo Marzorati / Verbania, Italy



where stones pulsate life

“Maggiore”, the new lake Landmark, looks like a a matching of stones, but sublimated, almost idealized. Both in size, both in the whole harmony: they are purity geomet- ric stones, with an abstraction power that sometimes contemporary architecture knows to express its best in technology, aes- thetics values and respect for the site and nature. Are big and sharp form stones as gentle gi- ants, and facing the strip of land which takes us into the lake Maggiore water.

As sculptural architecture of landscape value, “Maggiore” interprets today’s cul- ture: concerts and choirs, theatre and opera events,as well as exhibitions, conventions and conferences, recreational events and moments of relevance and commitment, a center where multi-functionality is guaran- teed from the high technology solutions. The architectural project is the result of a competition won by the Stones group, and the participation of several specialists in- cluding, arch. Giancarlo Marzorati, arch. Fabrizio Bianchetti, the structural engineer. Stefano Rossi, Texter for the electrical system , the geologist Fulvio Epifani and the re- sponsible for technical of the City ing.Noemi Comola.

A project team which harmonized architec- tural form and technology, sound quality (by Biobyte Srl) and variability of spaces.

The heart of the construction consists in the large multipurpose room, mouldable ac- cording to different configurations.
In the theater configuration the audience, with 500 seats on two consecutive forums, descends staircasing to the stage relaxing in the great loop in the highest part of the larg- er stones In the conference room configura- tion or exhibition space, the available seats are 900 and the audience is perfectly placed horizontal, to constitute one great plan that can continue on the stage space. Outside other steps descends to a large grassy area that precedes the shore: from the inside and outside you can enjoy shows such as regattas, fireworks, art exhibitions. The roof coverage of the building, around which are grafted the stones, has a large ter- race partly steps terraced, where you can enjoy the services of the bar and restaurant located in the stone, which is on the south side, toward the beach.

The temperature regulating system is gov- erned by heat pumps using the lake water as a similar function of geothermal energy.
The structure of reinforced concrete and reticular steel form the skeleton by the ste- reometric provision perfectly rational, on it were grafted the laminated wood profiles that make up the four sculptural stones, covered by insulating thicknesses, externally protected by a sheet of metal alloy and fitted with windows strategically arranged. Modularity, malleability, flexibility, adaptabil- ity: the manifold layout of the site goes along with the expressive power of a marked archi- tecture, unique, original new and coherent with the site. 

 Project partners:

» CDL Group Srl
» N.C.C. SRL 
» Giovanni Scaramozza & C. snc