by GaS Architects / Milan, Italy


Within the Certosa business District, GaS Studio designed and built Stam Europe Green Place; 10000 m2 of office space distributed in three wings surrounding a central garden. The project is a LEED Gold complex and features bamboo shading devices.

Urban Context

The building is located on 144 viale Certosa and is part of the Certosa Business District in the north west part of the city, near the north freeway entrance and easily reachable by public transport. The building was designed to obtain a LEED Gold certification and provides 7500 square meters of underground amenities including parking and roughly 10300 meters square of office space organized on 4 levels and around a central park. The ground floor is entirely dedicated to “light industrial/office” space as well as a showroom while the rest of the complex provides typical office space. The project completes the typical perimeter block morphology of this area of Milan. The courtyard that is thus created is landscaped with a variety of essences and is the focal point for the entire complex. Completing the “green” areas of the project a wide landscaped terrace is located above building C.

Project Objectives

A primary goal of the project was to recreate and improve the perimeter block scheme on this corner lot as well as extending the existing skyline. From an architectural point of view the building makes extensive use of full height curtain wall of glass and aluminum, a concrete structure and automated bamboo “brises soleil”. In addition to sun shading, the use of bamboo gives the building a strong identity and a unique play of light and shadow adding to the quality of the interior spaces and well being of it’s users. The ground floor is entirely clear glazed creating a transparent base to the building. Each wing of the building responds to it’s specific solar orientation with a variety densities of bamboo patterns as well as orientation and automation. The building’s functional layout is organized around the central courtyard. Three multistory atriums face the main garden space and are enlivened by open sculptural staircases that encourage interaction between the building’s population as well as providing separate identities for the three wings and multiple access and security scenarios. The main garden located above the underground parking structure was designed to be both geometrically rigorous as well as providing a variety of plant types, colors and functions including seating areas, exterior lighting and space for events.

Green Areas

A checkerboard pattern of alternating green (bamboo, vines, gras etc) and mineral (black and white pebbles) materials characterize this central space. A row of deciduous trees follows the building perimeter providing sun shading in summer months. Pathways and rest areas crisscross the garden to further activate the courtyard.

Project partner:

» Giuliani soc. Coop.
» Impresa Percassi Srl