Don Sturzo

by GaS Architects / Milan, Italy


Innovative solutions in sustainable design and energy field

Perfect balance between the geometric simplicity of the built architecture, and the maximum complexity of the where the site is located. The project aimed at achieving three goals: maximizing the potential of the existing building, reducing the impact of the building, thereby making it more homogeneous with the context, and a specific focus on environmental issues and energy savings (LEED GOLD). To achieve the first goal, it was decided to reshape the building’s envelope with a new glass facade, enhanced by an ideal circular tower of glass on the corner. The building is developed on 9 floors above ground and 4 levels of basements and covers about 13,000 square meters. Efficient reorganization of the space and adding a new level led the entire block to a more homogeneous and recognizable volume character. The design of the facade allows frames to develop from the ground up to the roof. This option will not only increase the permeability and the brightness of the rooms with large windows, it also improves the relationship between exterior and interior materials, creating continuity and strengthening the identity of the building. Steel, aluminium, stone, and glass, are some of the materials used. A compositional choice aimed at finding a balance between the geometric simplicity of the built architecture and the great complexity of the site’s location.

Project partners:

» Giuliani soc. Coop.
» General Planning Srl
» Minotti Srl