New Headquarters of the Commission Regional Calabria

 by Studio Valle / Germaneto, Italy


It is a building complex type with a “body double” based on a structural module with a distance of 6 m and a maximum thickness of the body of the building of 15 m. The two side wings of the “C” have a maximum length of about 155 m while the central body which connects the two outer wings, has a length of about 103 m, the total gross area available for offices is approximately 53,000 square meters for floors and approximately 24,000 square meters for the basement. The number of floors above ground varies from a minimum of nine bodies side to a maximum of 11 of the central body, the internal functions are distributed as follows: on the ground floor are planned retail space, restaurant, bank branch, 1 room for watch, 1 local emergency room; deposits floor, the surface praises of this plan is approximately 3,450 square meters. In the basement there are kindergarten equipped with appropriate services, staff canteen, with its related services, data processing center, paper files, garage for staff, garage for the offices of the Presidency. From the first to the eighth floor, there are offices. I provided parking for 2120 cars, distributed in two areas east and west of the buildings, paved driveways betonelle drilled type green lawn, to achieve a surface with low impact realizing the visual image of a green surface with grass.

Project partner:

» Aghito Zambonini S.p.a