by Davide Prandin / Monza Brianza, Italy


Neutrality and detail.

The program design behind this achievement included the expansion and transformation of a dwelling, inserted on the first floor of a furniture shop; it also required the greatest respect of the surface of the garden. Suspend the new volume housing, the existing share of the apartment, make it as transparent as possible, dial volumetrically as a connecting element between the different guidelines, this was the design synthesis we came. The extension is defined by two superimposed slabs, resting on a structural mesh in view, which enclose the volume of the stay in the perimeter defined only by frames that make it, through reflection, metamorphic compared to the surrounding environment. At the base a dampened cube materially contains garages and utility rooms. The interior design, which is characterized primarily for the movement of natural light and the articulation of the artificial one, was based on research of a certain neutrality, and the attention to detail. The technicality of the housing have countered the materiality of finish: resin floors rolled out and in natural oak tables, walls and resin coatings and ebony flamed. The furnishings are designed and manufactured to design extremely neutral with inserts of design pieces of the 60s and 70s.


Project partners:

» Nuova Edil Costruzioni S.r.l.
» Edil Pielle Srl
» Costruzioni Edili Monieri Armando Srl