by Davide Prandin / Monza Brianza, Italy


A project for a large family.
A Nova Milanese, a northern suburb of Milan, in a lot at the edge of a large family required the design of a residence that would include a main apartment on the upper floors and five more housing units for elderly parents and older childrens. We built the plant of the main apartment, sleeping areas and developing services around a sort of double-height central courtyard where are located the living room and kitchen. From a material point of view we have made an essential choice, but not technicistic technique, identifying materials such as plaster siloxane, the coatings in fiber-cement and wood-resin, the roof slab of zinc-titanium. Downstairs we have provided a coating in black granite with a special process, very technical in platemaking but requires craftsmanship in the installation system. From a technological point of view and energy it is provided an integrated system of geothermal probes and photovoltaic panels in addition to heat reflective materials for the insulation of walls. The volumetric overall building, the choice of materials in discontinuity with respect to an existing built indistinct aims to identify a new rule of composition in urban area poorly built but be prepared to plan.


Project partner:

» Nuova Edil Costruzioni S.r.l.