Jerome Zodo Contemporary

 by A++ Architettura Design / Milan, Italy


An awarded art gallery

An art gallery in a street close to the historic center of Milan. We are not talking about Via Brera, but Via Melzo, a small hidden street behind the circle of the ramparts of Milan, one of those streets where you don't' go very often , but today is fast becoming one of the most active and rapidly evolving in Milan. This corner is home to the new art gallery Jerome Zodo, already considered one of the most innovative of Milan. Not only exposures that are referred as the gallery itself, or rather the innovative concept of "exhibition". An art gallery entirely new and far removed from tradition, conceived as a place other than for show, not mere background for the work of art, but the protagonist "participant" of the content, which can interact and blend with the works on display, in a single artistic experience. The brief of the project started from this art is an asset that must be shared by all.The concept shows the different approach that A ++ chose to develop the project, an approach to "negative" towards the perspective space; here the architecture is conceived in terms of content and not in those of the container. Instead of assembling and dress up the walls, the project aims to the aggregation of volumes, the spaces between them. The ceiling becomes a meeting place: from the vaulted descend glass cubes that define, between the old iron columns, a new flatbed. The focus shifts to the top where the cubes as geometric nests, design an almost "organic" environment, made up of bold lines and transparencies. The floor assumes a neutral function, of simple path. In this way the artist message is no longer limited to his work but blends into the environment surrounding the observer. The concept is to create great importance to art and to the works on display that are now the true completion of the art gallery, because is the filling of the spaces that animate the gallery, the creation and completion of the paths creating emotions . The gallery was awarded of the first prize for best interior design trade, the prestigious International Property Awards in 2010.