Aelia Duty Free

GaS Studio / Rome, Italy


International airport Leonardo da Vinci

The project for the new duty free shops at the Leonardo da Vinci International Airport in Rome is set up as an interior design, aiming to redefine the whole concept of duty free shop, creating wide and permeable spaces, which combine modern design with the commercial offer made spectacular. The work, that concerned about 4800 square meters, has created 8 big commercial areas, divided into 15 shops, where the offer of local and international products is clearly represented in the spaces themselves, thus becoming a leading theme. The perfume shops, those that sell alcohol and tobacco, and the shops that sell local products are all clearly distinguishable thanks to the use of materials and colors to characterize them and to create a unique and original design for each product category. In particular, areas called “casa del gusto” were created for Italian high quality products. These are shopping spaces that merge odors, flavors and typical elements of the Italian tradition all in one, recalling the most folkloristic and traditional aspects of the country.  The will to integrate the airport transit areas with the shopping areas allowed the realization of shops without any windows, with fully open fronts that not only give access to the shopping area, but also to the further gate area. The personalized flooring of such transit areas allowed the ideal connection of opposite shopping areas, thus forming macro shops.

Project partner:

» Esiet Spa