The Gate

 by GaS Architects / Milan, Italy


When green building merges with design

“We have been invited by General Electric Capital Real Estate to evaluate solutions for the building refurbishment” said André Straja, architect & founder of GaS Studio group. For this office project, General Electric Capital Real Estate wanted to highlight its commitment towards sustainable architecture & energy savings. 
We took in consideration a very large range of possibilities, from geothermic to photovoltaic using General Electric Capital Real Estate “branded” products.
All solutions have been selected based on the ability to increase consciousness that high energy saving targets are a benefit to the building’s performance, containing tenants maintenance costs. The office layout for The Gate has a new floating floor & suspended ceilings, a modern interior layout, flexible and adaptable to tenant needs and requirements. We pay a lot attention to the lobby spaces aiming to increase the comfort for an ideal working space: we proposed a panoramic meeting room on the roof, large conference rooms, dedicated fitness area and a private garden on the first floor. We expect the building to achieve a Class B rating by Italian energy standards as well as a LEED gold Certification.