New Headquarter Heineken

by Lombardini22 & DEGW / Sesto San Giovanni, Italy 


From “work place” to “working environment”.

An exciting space built around the Brand: this is the new Milanese office designed by DEGW for the multinational Dutch beer company that left the old offices in Viale Monza to move to Edison Park Center in Sesto San Giovanni at the end of 2012. DEGW’s approach, based on the organization analysis, which is crucial for the development of the fit- out project for the new headquarters, has allowed for Heineken an innovative use of the office space. The new headquarters occupies only 5 floors (from the 4th to 8th) compared to the 9 floors of the previous location, thus favoring a horizontal, modular and flexible distribution of the resources and improving communications and internal relations. This is also due to the adoption of an innovative way of working. Heineken passes from a traditional closed office scheme to a different articulation of space, which not only takes advantage of the efficiency of open space, but is enriched by a variety of media (phone booths, structured and informal meeting rooms, break areas, touch downs, etc.), flexible and thematic, which complement the classic workstation with different levels of confidentiality, sharing and informality in a very simple and straightforward method, dynamically modulating both the needs of individual concentration and team work. The meeting spaces in particular, compared to the old location, were significantly increased in capacity (from 15 to 49 meeting rooms for 340 seats compared to 164 previously) and rationalized in the space consumption (from 420 to 580 square meters). But the new Heineken home is also the result of a project that focuses on a very detailed architectural branding program, developed by DEGW in close collaboration with the client.