Lainate Urban Center

 by GaS Studio / Milan, Italy


The project involves the conversion and renovation of a building that previously housed a movie theater, no longer in operation, the ex Ariston theatre. It involves the construction of a multipurpose cultural center with an auditorium, a library, reading rooms and dining places. GaS Architects has opted to keep the scope and roof of the property, emptying the contents inside and redesigning the space in order to give a feeling of lightness. The space is open to those who are inside and outside. Great attention was spent to improve the natural light that penetrates through the new bay window with double-height atrium, which replaces the previous Villa Litta's facade. The building consists of two floors plus a large loft, the first floor will host the auditorium and cafeteria. The second floor, the library and other activities that will also have a large terrace. In the loft skylights were opened to allow users to make use of light from above, especially valuable for the purposes of the Centre. Design solutions for the Cultural Centre Multipurpose show a particular attention to energy saving and eco-sustainability of the project.