Atelier d'architecture Jacques Bugna SA


  Route de malagnou 28 case postale 11 CH-1211 Genève 17, Swiss
  Phone: 41 22 787 07 27
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The Studio of architecture has built its reputation primarily in the design and construction of prestigious buildings (TV tower of Swiss Romansh, Directorate of Swisscom, Restaurant of the World Organization for Health, Police Station, European Broadcasting headquarter and the World Economic Forum) and special items (industrial and municipal buildings, sports centers, schools, etc ...)
It includes a team of dedicated employees with a 'thorough knowledge both in architecture and urbanism and skills for expertise's. The office has extensive experience in large projects and is able to handle different and important achievements. The Studio of architecture working as a team, both with the authorities and with the technical officials (engineers, general contractors and specialized companies). It has already experienced the leadership of a team of agents, in particular with public mandates, such as the Cycle of Orientation of Montbrillant or under institutional mandates, such as international organizations (OMS, ONU). Finally, the seniority of the Studio, the continued stability of the turnover and the fact that it works with its own funds without resorting to bank loans, are a further guarantee of safety and competence.


Villa Slatkine