Davide Prandin architetto


  viale Rimembranze, 12 20054 Nova Milanese (MI), Italy
  Phone: +39 0362 41052
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David prandin / architect, founded in 2003, is a Studio of architecture in which various professionals work in a collaborative and multidisciplinary approach, with the aim of developing modern architectural solutions in complex contemporary landscape. Our practice focuses on innovation, sustainability, paying special attention to the needs of the context. We designed new buildings and restoration and transformation of existing buildings, operating at different scales and in different areas: residential, workplaces and leisure, open spaces; It also works in interior architecture and design. In our work we seek a complete professional through continuous training and collaboration with a network of  expert consultants in the areas of facilities, the plant engineering, energy, restoration and landscape. Some of our work has been published in magazines.

Casa stretta

Casa "DL"

Casa "LM"