Caputo Partnership


  viale Elvezia 18 20154 Milano, Italy
  Phone: +39 02 3314560
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The activity developed in more than twenty years is oriented mainly towards feasibility studies and projects, urban design and architectural planning from preliminary phases through final implementation. We have gained expertise and professional know-how through experiences with urban design and the planning of parks, museums, religious buildings and public health and educational projects, commercial and multipurpose centres, hotels, residential buildings and office centres for public and private entities. Caputo Partnership team first considers the historical identity of a place, then applies a methodology aimed at interpreting and increasing its value, focusing on the connection between the new and the pre-existing context.The methodology furthermore, utilizes the ultimate and most innovative technologies in order to promote the highest standards of expertise from the environmental and technological points of view. The expertise is mostly architectural although the planning phase is always approached from an interdisciplinary perspective thanks to a well-established collaboration in the field of structural and plant engineering as well as urban law and economics.The team is therefore specially tailored to each project according to the needs of each client and the specific conditions of planning, designing and execution of the project. Caputo Partnership have specialized in tasks related to residential development and urban planning. The results of the studio's research, projects and plans have been published in books and specialized journals and magazines and have been exhibited at architectural conferences, exhibitions and seminars in Italy and abroad.

Palazzo Lombardia

Area ex Bassetti