GFM Studio Associato


  via Abate Crippa, 9 24047 Treviglio (BG), Italy
  Phone: 39 0363 40420
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Located in the heart of Lombardy, GFM Studio Associate of Treviglio is a significant reality that follows and interprets trends, challenges and expectations in many fields of modern construction. It 'was set up in October 1979 with the fusion of two Studio already operating, by the founders Piermaurizio Grechi, Ambrogio Franco Forcella, Paolo Manzoni whom he joined in 2001 and 2011 Paolo Recalcati e Massimo Grechi. It operates mainly in the field of building design, architectural and structural services, in the field of civil engineering, usually in the region, but with significant experience at national level. Particularly intense and qualified the activity in the field of urban and implementation relating to territorial value. The structure is organized to address various issues of research and design, ranging from small to large scale, from the building to the urban context, the design to the construction site. For the realization of its products and services geared its organization to identify explicit and implicit needs of the customers / users and to perform with effectiveness, efficiency and economy of the awarded contracts. Over the years the Studio has made many interventions both private and public,  residential, commercial-services sector, logistics office, industrial, open space and urban planning, participating in several design competitions and invitations. The activity is supported by a team of 18 qualified people in various disciplines and makes use of external specialist contributions when needed.

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