Studio Architetto Lorenzo Berni


  corso di Porta Romana, 6 20122 Milano, Italy
  Phone: +39 02 861212
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Born in Florence on 16 March 1949. Classical maturity in 1968. Degree with honors at the Milan Politecnico in 1974. Registration in 1975 in the Order of Architects of the province of Milan, n ° 2319. From 1974-1982 graduate engineer role, the Department of Environmental Resources Conservation Architectural and Politecnico di Milano. Entered in the register of testers of the Lombardy Region since 1985. Submitted in the register of testers of the City of Milan since 1986. Submitted Min.Int list. Law 07/12/84 n. 818 MI02319A0065. Expert of the Milan court, Architects category, specialty C3; C1; B5; C6; B2. Professor of Architectural Restoration at the Politecnico di Milano AA 1997/98. In April 2000 he was appointed member of the Building Committee of the City Council of Milan. His professional career has been directed to the design, construction management of buildings and new structures and historical value, public and private, such as municipal offices, private offices, hotels, buildings for agriculture, factories, housing (condos, villas, homes PEEP, etc.), public and private parks, training centers. Has practiced since 1975, among the members of the study (10 people), there are specialists in structures, electrical and fluid. In 1999-2000 realizes the town of Parma the office complex Duc. From 1998 to 2006 he made a series of studies on the world of agriculture, build 3 new Wine Cellars, designer of the restoration of the complex of the regional Lombard and Piedmontese Enoteca of Moscato d'Alba, and the restoration of two large farmsteads for advanced training centers. Since 2000, his work is marked by the restoration of monuments such as the Castle of Ozzano (AL), Castle Stork Mozzoni Terdobbiate (NO), Villa Manzoni Brusuglio (MI), Villa Bussolera-Branca in Casteggio (PV), Regional Park River Taro, Villa Gallarati Scotti in Oreno (MI), Palazzo Annoni and Palazzo Radice Fossati in Milan and the environmental restoration of a large industrial area on the coast of Ravenna. The design and professional research is addressed primarily to the study of material culture, the techniques of restoration and conservation. In 2004 he produced and designed the first residential building Class A, in the program Klima House to Bolzano. In 1994 he was a consultant to the company Andersen Consulting (now Accenture spa) for the developmentand research on the workspace. From 1999 to 2002 he was member of a commission to study promoted by the Italian Farmers for the study of innovative techniques for the preservation of agricultural land and constructions. Since 1998 he has been conducting with the Laboratory of Architectural Restoration of the Politecnico di Milano research on the rural architecture in the Po Valley. In 2010 he participates in the project for Expo 2015 "Hundred Cascine". In the field of competition, he won the 1st prize of the project for the Piazza della Pilotta in Parma; 1st prize contest is the school types of the Lombardy Region; 1st prize project for the restoration and transformation in the town hall of the palace Cavriani-Gonzaga and the new town square of Gonzaga; reported in the contest for the seat of C.I.S. and the adjacent square in Cagliari; 1st prize competition tender for six residential buildings Aler Milano; 1st prize invited competition for the renovation and furnishing of the offices of the company Andersen Consulting (now Accenture) in the former seat of Montecatini in Milan; 1st prize competition for the restoration and transformation of the Civic Museums Castle Sangiuliani in Mede; 1st prize competition for the restoration and transformation of one wing of the Court of Giarola in Collecchio (PR) Consortium Regional Park River Taro; 1st prize competition for the redesign of the Republic Square and surrounding streets in Mede (PV); reported in the competition for Central Park Volcanoes in Iceland (2006); 3rd prize in the competition by invitation (2007) for the redevelopment and expansion of the Congress Venue of Riva del Garda (TN), in 2013 was awarded in the competition of ideas "Designing Efficient Redevelopment". 

Erbatici Farm House