Studio KO


  10 rue jean-pierre timbaud, 75011 Paris
  Phone: +33 01 42 71 13 92
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Studio KO 
The architects Karl Fournier and Olivier Marty have worked for over ten years on various projects in Europe and Morocco, as well as in more distant parts of Africa and America.
The creative duo has sought to impose an eclectic spirit, where the style of each project is unique, while developing a narrative where space, light and materials become its words and grammar. Each project has allowed them to experiment and reveal a new approach, from public spaces to private contemporary residences in natural settings.They always seek to highlight the uniqueness of each project, and the manner in which it will be carried out. Whether it is a London hotel or an abstract stone monolith perched on a hill, the context dictates their approach. 
The constraints of each site provide different elements in the creative equation of the structure, be it the archaeology, environment, or topography. The spirit of each place serves as a narrative basis to create a story. Upon meeting a visionary client, this same poetry shapes each interior’s design, be it public or private. Studio KO employs materials, as one would use words, to change the way these materials are perceived, and to reinvent an architectural language. A glossy surface takes on the brilliance a matt finish. The multi- coloured suddenly becomes monochromatic. Dark colours find light, fire draws beautiful shadows and fabric unexpectedly reverses its pattern. These effects, skilfully balanced by masters of their craft, glide between sophisticated minimalism and understated luxury. 
These two ends of the spectrum are linked by a peaceful relationship with history.
For Studio KO, the true definition of modernity is to see our past in order to change it, or even better, to free ourselves of it entirely.

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