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Each of the creations of the agency is based on a conceptual and dynamic system of ideas that have guided its proposals.

Production: Architecture is most often the incidental result of a production process that reflects the equilibrium of political, economical, technical, and cultural forces. Comprehending and participating in the production process is to directly intervene in the genetic code of the project before defining its shape. The advent of the digital age produces profound changes in architecture by calling into question our relationship to space and time. The entry into the intangible economy paradoxically reinforces the capacity of physical space to create social links and meaning. The architecture, in its cultural dimension, becomes a tool for the creation of economic value through the organization of men and of knowledge. Architecture becomes an economic matrix. In the context of the global environmental awareness, it develops itself as an organic and metabolic system. At the time of these major transformations for the urban future, and subsequently, that of a human being, PCA stands for a rational, efficient, and rigorous architecture.

Creation: Architecture differs from construction by the affirmation of subjectivity. The de- regulation of artistic practices encourages exploring approaches outside the constructive domain to develop a pertinent aesthetic and mode of thought. By acting upon the economic and social flux, the architecture of PCA agency develops a story, forms a narrative. PCA’s architectural production is infused by its work with contemporary and graphic artists. The integration of creatives into teams and projects demystifies the posture of the omniscient architect and provokes exchanges, creating the energy that is necessary for creation. This approach is part of a vision of a collective conception bringing together different spheres of excellence for a single project and in the context of an overall vision proposed by the agency.

Architecture: In a world dominated by consumerism and entertainment, Architecture must invent new strategies. It is faced with contradictory phenomena: a dematerialization through digital technology and a hypermaterialization through the environment. It must defend the irreducible values of a meaningful physical space and be capable of making the social link. Material and immaterial networks structure the territory and make up a connected and intelligent global fabric. This hyper connection responds to the challenges of the knowledge economy and of sustainable development. It is necessary to promote a city that is dense, mixed, open, porous, and radicant. Without prior formal design, PCA approaches every project as a complex strategic problem whose resolution begins with an analytical approach to formalize the issues, to set priorities, and to master all production constraints. It ends when reason exhausts itself and opens up for intuition.

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