ATI Project


  via F. Crispi 35, 56125 Pisa , Italy
  Phone: +39 (0)50 3191385
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The office has been developed around the idea of merging together processes of architectonical plan and bioclimatic optimization of the constructions. This creates a know-how managed and granted by the experience and the professional skills of our engineers. We believe today’s buildings have to be projected alongside with their plant design component following the concepts of “sustainable development and integrated planning”. Such an approach permits to realize buildings with superior performances in energy efficiency, ensuring low power consumption and high environmental comfort to the users. We work in synergy with professionals sensitive to environmental concerns to optimize their projects with respect to energy-efficiency.Nevertheless, technology exists to serve us; it is just a matter of being able to utilize it.In order to diffuse an idea of “integrated design” we have organized more than 40 vocational courses all around Italy during 2008 and 2009 and in 2010 we intend to redouble that number. Additionally, we are specialized in graphic project presentation: rendering, photomontage, animations or company presentations. Whatever you imagine, we are able to realize.We have offices in Pisa and Belgrade. We are expanding constantly and looking for new collaborators.

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