Piazzetta St Ambrogio 14, 00186 Roma
  Phone: +39 06 89 76 73 98


The principles of the studio are based on the movement as the element
of transformation, realized through the visual research of the new
technologies, on the study of the renewable yet not polluting
resources and, on the relation of humankind-nature, inserted in our
projects in different scales.
In the development of the spaces created by the team, the principle of
the movement is expressed through out a holonomic universe and the
complexity of the joints in the space with the form of a fractal
vision, attributable to a single principle.

Typical element of the villas and interiors of OFFICINALEONARDO is the study of the space, where various aspects of daily life take part with their
mutual vision and create fluid movements, called in the studio “micro-urban”,
by means of the electric or manual handling of the walls, panels and
sliding doors gives the users the choice of living in every single
section in a separate and confided way.  It is a reappearing theme in other projects (like as light and transparency) as well to have a full and rational use of the
From all, between the transparency and the reflection which embrace
the most beautiful views of the city,  carved in an environment which
suggests more the methods and the weather of suburban living, through
the diffusion  of the plants, the presence of the stonewalls, the
creation of bioclimatic micro greenhouses, the presence of water pools
and waterfalls, like in the oriental culture and the Japanese Zen
gardens  as if it is immersed in the countryside or the nature you

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