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Architecture-Studio defines architecture as "an art committed with society, the construction of the surroundings of mankind". Its foundations lie on work group and shared knowledge, with the will to go beyond individuality for the benefit of dialogue and confrontation. Thus, the addition of individual knowledge turns into wide creative potential. Founded in Paris in 1973, Architecture-Studio has built itself upon the will of a will for broad-mindedness and group philosophy. The practice is based on a group of associates, representing all generations, that teamed up progressively: Martin Robain since 1973, Jean-François Galmiche from 1974 till 1989, Rodo Tisnado since 1976, Jean-François Bonne since 1979, Alain Bretagnolle and René-Henri Arnaud since 1989, Laurent-Marc Fischer since 1993, Marc Lehmann since 1998, Roueïda Ayache since 2001, Gaspard Joly, Marie-Caroline Piot, Mariano Efron and Amar Sabeh el Leil since 2009. The studio now brings together about two hundred people, around 12 partners of all generations. This team of 25 different nationalities is composed of architects, urban planners, designers and interior designers. The European Parliament in Strasburg, the site planning of the Shanghai World Expo 2010, the Arab World Institute, the church Notre-Dame de l'Arche d'Alliance and the Novancia business school in Paris stand among the most symbolic projects of our firm which is also in charge of the rehabilitations of the Maison de la Radio and the Jussieu University Campus in Paris.

Based in Paris, Shanghai, Beijing, Venice and Saint-Petersburg, Architecture-Studio has intensified its activities on the international stage, especially in China and in the Middle-East. Jinan's cultural center, the Onassis Foundation in Athens, the Rotana Hotel tower in Amman, Muscat's Cultural Centre in the Sultanate of Oman, Bahrain's National Theatre are among Architecture-Studio's latest international projects.

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